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For over 40 years Centre for Neuro Skills has been recognized as a world leader for providing intensive postacute community-based brain injury rehabilitation. Our patient centered programs maximize treatment effect, learning generalization, and learning stability in real-world settings. For additional information about CNS, please visit neuroskills.com or call 800.922.4994.
Evident Life Science empowers scientists and researchers through collaboration and cutting-edge life science solutions. Dedicated to meeting the challenges and supporting the evolving needs of its customers, Evident Life Science advances a comprehensive range of clinical research, educational, and premium microscopes and microscope systems.
For more information, visit EvidentScientific.com.
The Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research (FITBIR) informatics system was developed to share data across the entire TBI research field and to facilitate collaboration as well as interconnectivity with other informatics platforms. Sharing data, methodologies, and associated tools, rather than summaries or interpretations of this information, can accelerate research progress by allowing re-analysis of data, as well as re-aggregation, integration, and rigorous comparison with other data. https://fitbir.nih.gov
For over 30 years Kent Scientific has served medical and research scientists as a worldwide provider of integrated solutions for pre-clinical research and drug discovery advancement. As the world leader in noninvasive blood pressure, physiological monitoring and anesthesia systems for rodents, we enable researchers to achieve fast, consistent, accurate results.

Since its inception in 1992, Medeia Inc has been on the forefront in the manufacture and distribution of Neuro Diagnostic and Heart Rate Variability / ANS products. Medeia Inc specializes in the development of state of the art biometrical software and hardware products intended to monitor physiology for research and educational purposes. https://www.medeia.com/

NeuFit, with our patented Neubie device, uses direct current stimulation to help people rehab and recover faster, better, and stronger from surgery, injuries, or neurodegenerative conditions. Since our founding in 2017, we have partnered with thousands of physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians, and athletic trainers to accelerate their patients recovery—leading to better outcomes for everyone. https://www.neu.fit/




Proprietary MultiBrain® and MultiCord® technology enables NSA to embed, section and stain up to 40 neuronal tissues simultaneously. NSA has 30+ years of experience applying classic histological stains and IHC with custom antibodies. Additionally, NSA offers digitization of slides and remote viewing of scans via Internet (Proscia). https://www.neuroscienceassociates.com/

Neuroscience Tools™ offers the NeuroPactor™, which features an actuator to be mounted on a stereotaxic instrument for precise and reproducible impact placement and velocity, or on the NeuroCHIMERA™ table to enable impacts on an unrestrained head. The NeuroFixer™ Pressure Perfusion Apparatus. And Angle Three™, a novel stereotaxic instrument.

The Open Data Commons (Open Data Commons for Spinal Cord Injury, ODC-SCI.org and Open Data Commons for Traumatic Brain Injury, ODC-TBI.org) are cloud-based community-driven repositories to store, share, and publish neurotrauma research data. The ODCs aim to mitigate dark data in research and increase transparency with individual-level data and enhanced collaboration. The ODCs are also assisting researchers in meeting mandates from funders and publishers to make data accessible and FAIR.

The mission of PRECISE-TBI is to improve the rigor, reproducibility, transparency, and translation in preclinical TBI research. PRECISE-TBI resources include: data sharing resources and an open data commons for TBI (ODC-TBI), curated TBI model catalogue, preclinical common data elements, and educational resources for deployment-related blast TBI models. Supported by I50BX005878.

Raumedic Inc. offers the NEUROVENT line of Parenchymal and Ventricular catheters, which are used during invasive neurosurgical procedures to reliably measure the ICP, ICT, PtiO2 and can offer CSF drainage with continuous ICP values. The multi-modal neuromonitoring performed with the measuring catheter in the field of neurosurgery makes it possible to identify cerebral changes early on.

From discovery to diagnostics, Quanterix’s ultrasensitive biomarker detection is fueling breakthroughs only made possible through the Company’s unparalleled sensitivity and flexibility. Its industry-leading Simoa® precision instruments, digital immunoassay technology and CLIA-certified Accelerator laboratory have supported research that advances disease understanding, management and patient care in neurology, oncology, immunology, cardiology and infectious disease for nearly two decades.

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Since 2002, RWD Life Science has been the world leading manufacturer of laboratory instrument for life science researches. We specialize in producing Animal Surgery and Modeling Solution; in vivo Imaging Solution, Histopathology Solution, Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Solution for researchers around the world. For more information pls visit our web at rwdstco.com or e-mail us: market@rwdstco.com.

Texas NeuroRehab Center specializes in neuro rehabilitation for medically complex and catastrophically injured SCI and/or ABI patients. Our 67-acre campus offers a neuro LTACH, IPR and Post-Acute Brain Injury continuum with 7 dedicated physicians on-site daily. Our LTACH accepts RLAS ≥ 2 or GCS ≥ 8 and provides ≤ 3 hours/day of neuro specialized therapy.


The purpose of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center (BIRC) is to maintain a comprehensive basic and clinical scientific program in the field of TBI emphasizing translational research to develop effective therapies for all head injured patients.