NNS 2023

Kimberly Byrnes

Position: PhD, NNS President
Kimberly Byrnes, PhD:
Categories: Planning Committee 2023

Dr. Kimberly Byrnes is a Professor in the Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics Department at the Uniformed Services University (USU) and the director of the USU Neuroscience PhD Program.  In 2021, she was elected to President-elect of the National Neurotrauma Society.  Her work focuses on therapeutic interventions and imaging following brain and spinal cord injury.  She has published a number of papers investigating glucose metabolism in the young and aged spinal cord and brain after injury, and investigating intranasal insulin or NOX inhibition for improving outcomes.  Previously, Dr. Byrnes served as Secretary-Treasurer in 2016/2017 and Vice-President in 2017/2018.