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Michelle Theus

Position: Associate Professor
Michelle Theus:
Categories: Planning Committee 2023

Theus is an Associate Professor of Neurobiology in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, is the Co-Director of the Translational, Biology, Medicine and Health (TBMH) graduate program and the Vice Chair for Precision Medicine at the Center for Engineered Health at Virginia Tech.

She has received Virginia Tech’s Outstanding Mentor Award, Office of the Vice President for Research Scholar of the week and has been twice recognized by the NNS as a recipient of the Michael Goldberger Research Award and the Women in Neurotrauma Excellence Research Awards. She has held numerous council positions for the Central Virginia Chapter of Society for Neuroscience and the National Capital Area for TBI Research.

Her Laboratory of Neurotrauma & Repair is supported by 3 active R01’s and a multi-PI grant from the Epilepsy CURE foundation. Her work focuses on Eph receptor biology in brain injury with an emphasis on neurovascular and neuroimmune health.