NNS 2023



Our NNS2 2023 Committee is working hard to provide you with a diversified and elaborate program that can offer you the latest research information and insights in the field of neurotrauma.

Preliminary Timeline:

October 28, 2022:               Session proposals submission deadline
November 21, 2022:           Session proposal Notifications
December 5, 2022:             Abstract submission portal Opens
January 3, 2023:                 Registration Opens
March 3, 2023:                    Abstract submission deadline
March 17, 2023:                  Early registration deadline
March 31, 2023:                  Abstract notifications

April 15, 2023:                     NNS WiNTR VISA Award Application Deadline                                                                                        May 12, 2023:                     Regular registration deadline
June 16, 2023:                    Late registration deadline

Important Dates

Submission Deadlines

Please note all presenting authors for accepted abstracts must register for the conference or their abstract will not be presented.

28 October 2022
Proposal Submission Deadline

05 December 2022
Abstract submission opens

03 January 2023
Early Registration opens

03 March 2023
Abstract submission deadline

17 March 2023
Early discounted rates registration deadline

12 May 2023
Regular registration deadline

16 June 2023
Late registration deadline

Presentation Type and Time

Data Blitz presenters will have 3 minutes using no more than 10 slides for their recorded presentations

Poster presenters must provide their poster (one page) printed on site.

Steps in submitting your oral or rapid fire presentation

  1. Download the Presentation Template
  2. Create presentation using the template
  3. Record your presentation
    a. Please see instruction and tips below on how to use Zoom or PowerPoint to record your presentation
    b. Apply the Conference background image to your zoom account
    c. Make sure your presentation does not go over your allotted presentation time
  4. Upload the presentation to the NNS Dropbox – https://www.dropbox.com/request/aSUV4tCbaqcn9rixKUYS
  5. Save your presentation; video presentations must be saved as “paper reference number – Paper Title”
    a. The paper reference number is provided in the email with abstract type that went to the submitting author.
    b. Please note when submitting your presentation Dropbox will ask for your name, please put the name of the presenting author.
  6. Register for NNS 2022.
Steps in submitting your ePoster presentation

1. Create presentation using the guidelines below
2. Record audio with your presentation (optional)
a. Please see instruction and tips below on how to use PowerPoint to record audio with your presentation
b. Make sure your presentation does not go over your allotted 3 minutes
3. Save your presentation; ePoster presentations must be saved as "P + paper reference number - abstract title - file extension (i.e. "PDF", MP4")"
a. Eg. P344 – Research in Cancer Care Nursing - PDF
4. Upload instructions were sent to the abstract submitter with a link and login information to the conference platform.
5. Register for NNS 2022.

Important Technical Requirements

1. Zoom Desktop App – We suggest you use Zoom to record your presentation – please download the desktop Zoom App (https://zoom.us/download, click “Download under “Zoom Client for Meetings”). If you have it already downloaded, please ensure that you have the most up to date version.
2. Camera setup – Ensure your camera is centered and that we can see you from the chest up to a few inches over your head. Start a meeting with yourself by clicking on “New Meeting” in Zoom to optimize your camera setup.  
3. Headset – We highly recommend the use of headphones with a boom microphone like the one below (USB preferred over Bluetooth). If possible, please do NOT use earphones/earbuds/in-ear headphones or a headset without a microphone as these reduce your audio quality.  
4. Lighting – Lighting should come from front of you rather than behind you. Avoid backgrounds with harsh light such as windows. If you do sit in front of a window, please close the curtains/blinds. 
5. Clothes – Avoid wearing colors such as purple, dark blue or light purple as this will blend into the virtual background 
6. Presentation – If you want to include videos in your presentation, we recommend that you embed them in your slides instead of including a link to an external application.

Screen Recording Using PowerPoint

Another alternative to record your presentation is to use PowerPoint. By using PowerPoint to record your presentation you will not be on camera, the recording will only be of your presentation and audio. Please make sure to save your recording as a video and not as a presentation. For more information on how to record using PowerPoint please click here.

ePoster Presentation

1. Posters should be typed in clear bold print that can be easily read with the title displayed in block. The title should also display the names of the author(s) and the institution(s) of origin.
2. Content may be displayed in columns (usually 3 columns).
3. Content should contain the project/study purpose/objectives; project description/methods; project evaluation/data analysis; results and conclusion(s).
4. Illustrations should be professionally drawn (hand drawn material will not be accepted).
5. All content should be simple and not overburdened with detail - "minimizing detail maximizes information transfer".
Submitting Presentation to NNS
All presentations must be submitted to NNS no later than Wednesday, January 13, 2022. This is to ensure the NNS team has enough time to upload all 220+ presentations to the virtual conference platform. We thank you in advance for sticking to this deadline. ePoster presenters will be asked to directly upload their ePoster to the event portal, the link to this will be provided to the submitting author of accepted posters in mid January.

For questions and concerns, please reach out to:

Natasha Gilbert
NNS 2022 Program Manager
NNS2022-program [at] icsevents.com

Conference Secretariat
International Conference Services Ltd. (ICS)
Suite 300, 1201 West Pender Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 2V2

Need more information?

  • If you have any questions please contact Natasha at nns2022-program[at]icsevents.com
  • There will be 4 drop in sessions held on Zoom, links will be sent to the submitting author

English Language Sessions
Friday, December 4, 2021 at 1pm EST
Thursday, December 10, 2021 at 8am EST

Mandarin Language Session
Thursday, December 17, 2021 at 10am CST
Tuesday December 22, 2021 at 10am CST