NNS 2022


Proposal Submission Closed

Thank you very much for all submissions!

A high number of well thought out and innovative proposals were received this year. While the Committee was happy to see the high level of enthusiasm, only a limited number of proposals could be selected.

Please click on program at a glance for further information on the selected proposals.

Guidelines for Submitting a Session Proposal:


  • Current NNS membership
  • Session proposal should include 4 speakers
  • Time allotted for each symposia session is 90 minutes. At the session organizer’s discretion, sessions may be organized as four 15 to 20-min talk slots followed by questions. The final minutes could be used for an alternative format, such as a debate among the four speakers, an extended Q&A between the audience and all four speakers, etc.
  • The Symposium Planning Committee reserves the right to ask an organizer to modify their session to ensure balance and quality in the annual meeting program.
  • You may only be a speaker in one session.
  • Speakers should understand that no honorarium is given for participation (complimentary registration and /or travel will be provided at the Planning Committee’s discretion and as budget allows).
Higher priority will be giving to session proposals including the following:

  • include related SCI and TBI talks
  • include related preclinical and clinical talks
  • have institutional diversity
  • have gender and rank diversity
  • sessions with confirmed speaker
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